Welcome Darryl Richardson


He may have been working with us for some time now, well almost 6 years, but we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Darryl Richardson from our Technical and Sales Team – because if you’ve ever been in communication with this department you may well have spoken to Darryl!

Darryl joined the Technical and Sales Team from the factory floor, where he experienced through an apprenticeship all the various stages of our manufacturing process. He’d always expressed an interest in the design and sales activities within the business, so it made sense to approach him about the role when an increasing workload meant we were in a position to take on an assistant.

These days, Darryl can be found in the office answering technical, design and sales enquiries and supporting the team on a day to day basis. He also helps to provide a vital link between the office and the factory,  helping with technical and design queries.

Darryl said: “Working with the design and sales team has given me the opportunity to build on the knowledge I gained whilst working on the shop floor and apply my skills in a totally different way. The workload is really varied so every day there is something new for me to learn. It definitely keeps me on my toes.”

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